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North Myrtle beach Chauffeur Services

Bachelor(ette) Parties

The time has come. The end of era but the beginning of a new life. Your friends have carried you this far; through the crying nights, the nights of bad decisions and the good ones, the nights you can't remember and the nights that you will never forget. They were there. They have loved you unconditionally through thick and thin. But now it is time to give yourself to the one you love, so that they can carry you through the hard times and share the good times.


The bachelorette and bachelor party is a farewell but not a goodbye. Your lifetime of friendships must be celebrated. Platinum Limousine offers our Transit Limo Coach, the perfect size for bachelorette and bachelor parties. Travel around North Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area with your dear friends. No matter what your plans are for the night, we will be there to make sure you get to where you need to go, and get back home safely. We leave no man or woman behind!

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